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What are The Balkans? The term “Balkan Peninsula” describes countries spanning from the Black Sea to the Adriatic Sea. This includes European countries that were part of the Ottoman Empire. The term by most definitions fully encompasses Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, European Turkey, Serbia, Slovenia and Romania.

Why The Ottoman if it’s not Turkish? We hear you ask. The name “The Ottoman” pays homage to the historical influence of the Ottoman Empire on the Balkan region. During its centuries-long reign, the Ottoman Empire left a lasting impact on Balkan culture, including its cuisine.

The founders of The Ottoman KL, whose head chef is Bosnian, embrace this historical connection by offering a menu inspired by the diverse culinary traditions that emerged from the fusion of Ottoman and Balkan flavours. It creates a unique dining experience that celebrates the historical interplay between these cultures, inviting patrons to savour the harmonious blend of Ottoman and Balkan culinary delights.

The dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, 1807–1924

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